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english Autor: pawel.kruzel@m00n.link (Paweł Krużel), 15.12.2019 10:31

This will be my first English text. Will my effort to create an understandable message to succeed? :-)

The one of a well-known Polish singers said in one of his interviews that when he was flying someday, he saw one thing from above. Our efforts ... These words are deep in my memory ...

We are constantly busy, constant on the run, absorbed with our worries and aspirations. We run somewhere, staring at the screens of our smartphones ...

Everyone would like to make their dreams come true. Most often the dreams of their own or their loved ones. Sometimes these are to be the dreams of completely or almost completely strangers, but this happens rarely. We are on the run through life, holding smartphones in our hands, staring at the screens, we do not feel that we are irretrievable misplacing the most valuable currency in this world - time. Our time here on earth, a time that we are spending thoughtlessly ...

In today's world, all people are technologically bound to each other, but at the same time perfectly separated from each other. People searching on their small screens for confirmation of the sense of their existence and trying at all costs to maintain the illusion that they will find this sense there. Even if they know for sure that it is an illusion.

We are so close and so far apart at the same time ... Or maybe we are farther apart than ever ...? Passing each other on the street, when we manage to tear our eyes away from the mesmerizing screens for a moment, we are looking with our blind eyes at the friends, relatives, colleagues who pass us by. They are wholly indifferent to us. It is more and more perfectly indifferent for us which path they are taking, why and where to.

I think that this situation will get worse and worse over time, although even now it all seems sick and unreal. Our efforts to maintain the good and mindfulness in ourselves are getting smaller and smaller. This is one of the most unpleasant and sad observations in my life so far ...

Paweł Krużel

Paweł Krużel

Instrumentalista, muzyk sesyjny, kompozytor, realizator nagrań, wieloletni kierownik Studia Nagraniowego Radia MAKS w Tarnowie i twórca motywów przewodnich tej stacji. Współtwórca oraz były współwłaściciel RPM Sound and Voices - obecnie jednej z prężniej działających agencji, produkujących oprawę antenową stacji radiowych oraz reklamę dźwiękową. Twórca muzyki ilustracyjnej dla telewizji (m.in. TVN) i radia, kompozytor muzyki do bajek, przedstawień teatralnych, producent reklam i jingli radiowych, realizator live. Współpracował m. in. ze Stanisławem Sojką, Katarzyną Gaertner oraz wieloma innymi zespołami oraz wykonawcami w studiu i na scenie. Oprócz tego zajmuje się tworzeniem róznego rodzaju projektów internetowych, grafiką, oraz pisaniem tekstów.

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